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Welcome to the Spring 2017 Innovation Fund Application!

The Innovation Fund supports projects with high potential for societal and commercial impact, helping to bridge the gap between basic research funding and commercial investment. Fund applicants receive valuable feedback from a panel of internal and external business development experts – including distinguished angel and venture capital investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs – to help move their projects forward. We're excited at the continued interest from innovators across the UChicago campus and our partners and we are looking forward to engaging with you to help bring your technology to market. 

All current faculty, staff & students the University of Chicago, Argonne National Lab, Fermilab, and the Marine Biological Laboratory (or "the affiliates") are eligible to apply to the IF as an individual or as a team. It is encouraged to submit an application as a team with cross-functional expertise. Alumni of the university and individuals not affiliated with the university are eligible to apply provided they have at least one currently affiliated faculty, staff or student as an integral member of the team (i.e., someone with a minimum of 15% equity stake in the venture and/or is providing the technology upon which the venture is built). Preference is given to technologies that have been built at the University or its affiliates and that have the potential for meaningful commercial and societal impact. For student-only businesses without a University or affiliate technology, the Innovation Fund co-invests in the Edward L. Kaplan '71 New Venture Challenge.

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The deadline for the Spring cohort is Wednesday, March 8th at 11:00 am.

For any questions pertaining to this application or your eligibility, please contact Jason Pariso,  Director of the Innovation Fund, or Steve Lehmann, Assistant Director of the Innovation Fund.

Selected companies from the past three Innovation Fund cycles

Fall 2016
Seurat Therapeutics
Seurat Therapeutics is slated to receive a $250,000 investment from the Innovation Fund to further develop their novel migraine therapy based on a nasal spray formulation of Insuline-like Growth Factor (IGF-1).  Seurat is creating a prophylactic therapy to prevent migraines in chronic patients, as well as an abortive therapy to treat acute migraines.

Spring 2016
BallotReady, Inc. 
BallotReady is an online voter guide to local, state, and national elections. They make it easy to vote informed in every race, in every election. BallotReady is developing innovative and proprietary ways to source content, using automated content collection that will allow rapid expansion to elections nationwide. Over 64,000 voters researched their ballots using BallotReady in the month leading up to the Illinois primary election. 

Fall 2015
NaviPoint Genomics, LLC
NaviPoint Genomics, LLC was awarded $175,000 to support the development of the team's advanced genomics analysis platform. The innovative technology allows them to transfer and analyze full human genomes 50 - 100 times faster than competitive solutions, and reduces the time needed for large scale analysis from months to days. Team members from the Computation Institute and Argonne plan to use the funding to build a full proof-of-concept that will be HIPAA compliant and secure for use in clinical practice.

RiMO Therapeutics
RiMO Therapeutics received $250,000 to help study its proprietary high-precision cancer treatment in humans. Their scalable solution, which uses nanotechnology to deliver low dose X-ray treatment, is highly effective in eradicating solid tumors. The team plans to use the funding to complete its pre-clinical studies and launch the first in-human study by summer 2016.